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Always responsive to the desires and feedback of our members, Anfi Resorts have developed a wide ranging and exciting programme of entertainment and actives for everyone. Always dynamic, our activities program has seen a complete overhaul and a new addition to the team.

We are now proud to boast a qualified wellness expert who will be offering a wide range of alternative treatments, classes and workshops to help improve your health and wellbeing both inside and out - not only Yoga, but also a wide range lesser-known wellness activities too. The enthusiastic Entertainment Team are always happy to answer any queries you may have regarding the activities and entertainment during your holiday:

Here’s just a selection of what we have to offer:

Qi-Gong - Pronounced ‘chi kung’ - an internal Chinese meditative practice which uses slow graceful movements and sometimes breathing techniques to promote the circulation of the “Qi” or “energy flow” within the human body, and help to enhance your overall health.

Hand Peeling - A non-aggressive anti-ageing beauty treatment that strips away the upper layers of skin revealing youthfully soft hands below.

5 Tibetans - A form of Tibetan yoga that originated in India reportedly more than 2,500 years ago involving a sequence of continuous movements, rather than the static postures commonly used in standard yoga.

Healthy Back - A series of low impact movements and strengthening exercises to help reduce back problems.

Tai Chi - A meditative form of exercise, which boasts physical and spiritual health. Benefits helping to reduce stress and relieve certain ailments.

Fangoterapia- The ancient technique of using natural ingredients such as sea water and mud in beauty treatments.

Aqua Jogging, Bums and Tums, Water gym, Aqua Fit - Take advantage of the fitness classes available. Many activities are carried out in the pool to avoid getting hot and bothered under the sun and also to reduce the impact on joints.

Whatever your motive: either to get in shape or simply to be able to eat what you like whilst you’re on holiday, these are the activities for you!

Speaking of food, for those of you that are a bit of a whiz in the kitchen - or at least like to have a try, our Entertainment team will be giving cooking classes showing you how to make some typical Canarian cuisine, for example the emblematic Canarian spicy ‘Mojo’ sauce and the potatoes to go with it. It’s easier than you think!

Don’t worry though as the all time favourite activities still remain on offer with the likes of Shuffleboard, Football and Bingo amongst others.

The new weekly show performed by our very own Entertainment team is an asset to Anfi and a spectacle not to be missed. With flying acrobatics, amazing dancers, colourful costumes and special effects designed to mesmerize the audience from start to finish, it will be a memory you will take home and treasure.

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