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How does Anfi ensure the resort and the suites are maintained to the highest standards?

Commitment to delivering excellence is a core value at Anfi. Anfi employs rigorous systems that guarantee ongoing quality. A budget and maintenance programme employs craftsmen and professionals to ensure every aspect of the resort is systematically maintained to the same standards as the day it was built.

How do I become a member?

If you would like to find out more about Vacation Membership, or are interested in becoming a member, we’ll be happy to answer your questions. See contact details. We look forward to giving you a warm welcome!

How can I arrange to see Anfi if I am not already a member?

If you know someone who is already an Anfi member, you could have the chance to experience one week at Anfi as part of the Invite-a-Friend /Share a dream?programme, which enables you to see the benefits of Anfi Vacation Membership for yourself. Or perhaps you’d like to make an appointment to come on a personal guided tour of the resort? Contact us today and we could be welcoming you to the sunny paradise of Anfi some time very soon.

How do I request an internal or external exchange?

The Anfi Vacation Club enables you to reserve your stay at Anfi, exchange internally to a different resort, or exchange externally to one of the thousands of resorts around the world. All in/with one easy phone call. See Anfi Vacation Club to find out more.


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